Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 Fashion Fest!

Nine sims of SL's most talented fashion designers display their best during this ten-day extravaganza full of beauty and style. The event, held July 2-11, includes auctions that benefit Relay for Life.

And yes, Wicked Gear is there! Come see us on Fashion Fest 9!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dressy Style by Wicked Gear at Black & Blue Fair

Once again, reporting live from The Black and Blue Fair, it is the one and only me *insert trumpet fanfare here*. And even more exciting then me, is these awesome jeans from Wicked Gear that you can find right here. That's right, you click the link and it will drop you right in front of their location...easy shopping courtesy of yours truely.

What I really like about these stylish jeans is that they cover my rear end, no coin slot viewing and they are not ripped up. Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend jeans from Wicked Gear...my bum and those jeans have a very copacetic relationship. Alas, when the occastion calls for coverage and stylish, these hit the mark.

The wide leg style and turned up cuff detailing show the care and craftsmenship put into their design and execution...a hallmark of Wicked Gear fashions and accessories.

These go well with everything in your wardrobe and you can dress them up or throw on your favorite tshirt, it doesn't matter, they simply look fantastic.

Available now at the Black and Blue Fair and the Wicked Gear new release section, along with other fabolous new things reported here....don't miss out.

Untill next time, Wicked Dreams and join me at the fair won't you?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Velvet Crush Exclusive

Wicked Gear is proud to announce their participation starting tomorrow in the Black and Blue Fair: Fashion for Mental Health Awareness. The fair will take place between June 4 to July 3, 2010.

Throughout June, a selection of your favorite designers, including Wicked Gear, will be presenting brand new and exclusive items only available at the fair and nowhere else (at least until the fair is over). Accessories, clothing, hair, skins and more, the fair will have it all.

The purpose of the fair is to de-stigmatise mental health issues. There are many people in Second Life that have unhappy "real lives" for whatever reason. Some of them are unwell, disabled, depressed and other people are just lonely or don't like who they think they are, but no one is alone is Second Life and everyone can be themselves. So don't let it beat you black and blue....couture can help.

Your exclusive sneaky peek is picture above...it is just sweet. I am so crushing on this velvety exclusive. Just last week I brought you the Bare Shoulder top and now even one better...this gorgeous special exclusive edition for the Black and Blue Fair. The texture is luxurious and the pattern is so couture and stylish.

Don't miss the Black and Blue Fair and your chance to own this very limited edition. We will reveal the location of the fair tomorrow...so stay tuned.

Wicked Dreams and get ready to shop for a cause!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off The Shoulder is Off The Hook at Wicked Gear

Everyday style is not everyday boring at Wicked Gear!!! Be still my rapidly beating heart...I have found the perfect shirt to wear on a day to day basis...and it is sexy.

Introducing the Bared Shoulder Top, this top is just awesome. I have been searching for a cute top to wear with jeans and some of my nice casual dress pants that is not over embellished or complicated. Just a good go to shirt that goes with a little of everything I own.

This delivers two fold. First...available in seven colors as pictured above and the black comes in a sheer finish as well...you get versatility and colors that really go with just about everything. Second..this is a hot number. Shoulder baring with ruched detailing at the chest..and get this...it come in two lengths. The long length and the medium length.

With a cute circular detail at the hem line on the medium length, this is just flirty and fun. *Psst..I like to show of my abs, so I shall be getting all of these medium length ones..imma just saying*.

For 80L a shirt, this is an incredible score for your wardrobe. Colors like these never go out of style...so investing in the fat pack for 480L gives you six color choices and the black sheer...it is like getting one top completely free. And the beauty of it is....you will always have a top to match countless color combinations.

Jeans, dressy pants, skirts...you name it...this goes with it. *I am doing happy dance right now*! You can miss with these tops...so get to the new release section of Wicked Gear right now...that's right...giddy up and go!
Wicked Nation..I salute you! Until next time..keep having wicked dreams!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flirty Fun @ Wicked Gear

Are you looking for a fun and flirty outfit to show off your, well let's say...assests? Well look no further, because I have struck paydirt! While wondering around Wicked Gear today, look what I spotted in the new release section, and the best part....it has the perfect name. Introducing Wicked Nation to the sexy, sassy and fun FLIRT!

A highly sexy dress with amazing visuals, this ensemble comes in two pieces. I am all for a sexy dress, but when I can pair the parts with other outfits...outstanding. The top is a treat for the eyes.....sexy halter style with criss crossing straps over the chest....sexy, but still leaves a little to the imagination. The skirt is defintely flirting with danger. Oh so small, but super cute and with an attached belt.

I have taken the top and worn it with jeans, and taken the skirt and wore it with a bikini as a cute cover up...the possiblities are endless. Well made and textured, the outfit is a steal at 200L. Available in six color choices, it is fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Makes me want to run right out and make sure I have buns of steel to show off in this...*wonders if that thighmaster thing is still on the market*.

Those nights out in the club or hell, if you just want to look sexy for yourself...get your Flirt on at Wicked Gear. Just head to the new release section and you can't miss them.

Untill next time Wicked Nation..I'll be in the gym tightening up the booty....cause if they are gonna continue the exposed gluteus maximus theme, I got to make sure everything is in check. Wicked dreams peeps!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Low Rider the Wicked Gear Way

Do you love the low rider jean look, but are a little tired of the ripped look that accompanies most pairs of low ride jeans in SL? Well look no further, Wicked Gear has the cure for your ripped jean blues.

The wizards of Wicked Gear get a number of requests from people that love the low ride jeans that WG has already done, but were looking for something, well a little less ripped up. Always wanting to hear from the Wicked Nation, they are bringing you the Wicked Gear Classic Low Rider Jeans.

These jeans cling to your hips without revealing your waxing choices, while still highlighting that booty that all the men love. The prim bottoms are well done, they match the texture well and blend right in.

Even if you don't like to show your coin slot, these jeans are a great investment. Paired with a long top, you can be fully covered and benefit from a great pair of jeans that don't look like you went 10 rounds with a razor clawed maniac.

Available now in the central new release department for 180L, these jeans pair well with casual looks and can be dressed up with haute couture. Jeans are always a great addition to any wardrobe, so make these Wicked hits your next choice.

I'll be hanging around waiting for the next new releases, so come join me at the Hot Rod won't you! Untill next time, I wish you Wicked Dreams.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Disco Ball Style

Welcome to Hotness on the Dance Floor. Okay, so not just the dance floor, but when I first saw this new release from the masterminds at Wicked Gear, the song Shiny Disco Balls popped into my head and my booty started shaking for some reason. Guess it is like Pavlov's Dogs....I am trained to love me some good club clothing...and when I see it, my instinct to move kicks in.

With that said, I share with you the Glo Mesh Metallic Booty Shorts and Bra Tops. Have you seen a clothing item in SL that actual glimmers when you wear it? I put the silver set on, and I actually was glimmering...yep..my own person disco ball and I loved it. These sets in silver and gold metallic gold mesh look amazing. If you don't remember the 70's or 80's glo mesh surge, it is a "metallic" material made up of teeny tiny squares of metal linked together. So after long hours of hand drawing these suckers, they are finally ready for you to snap up!

The top is well constructed, so you do not get that annoying distortion of the texture stretching over your chest. The criss cross design on the front of the top is sultry and sexy and is one layer, so no prims to adjust, just throw it on and go. The booty shorts are fabolous...and they do just as advertised....show off that booty!

The bottom and top can be worn together or in so many ways with already existing pieces in your wardrobe. I threw the top on with a mini skirt and wore the booty shorts with another silver top I had. The possibilities are endless. This is just a great set to add to your life.

Available now in the new release section in the Women's Department... for 200L you can take the spotlight in the club. Oh yeah..Men, you know you wanna see your ladies in this....take em to Wicked Gear and hook her up.

Feeling Wicked yet? Get your Wicked on only at Wicked Gear. Untill next time, I leave you all with Wicked love.